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Patterning of 1-D, 2-D and 3-D Nanostructures
This invention provides methods of manufacturing a nanotextured surface comprising disposing a nanoparticulate ink on a substrate.
Published: 8/9/2017   |   Inventor(s): James Watkins, Rohit Kothari
Category(s): Material science, Nanotechnology, Physical Science, Devices & sensors
Li Ion Composite Batteries by Cooperative Assembly
This invention provides compositions and methods for inducing and enhancing order and nanostructures in block copolymers and surfactants by certain nonpolymeric additives, such as nanoparticles having an inorganic core and organic functional groups capable of hydrogen bonding.  Various compositions having lattice order and nanostructures have been made from a variety of copolymers or surfactants that are mixed with nonpolymeric additives.  Particularly, a variety of nanoparticles with an inorganic core and organic functional groups have been discovered to be effective in introducing or enhancing the degree of orders and nanostructures in diverse block copolymers and surfactants.
Published: 11/19/2014   |   Inventor(s): James Watkins
Category(s): Material science
Adhesion of a Metal Layer to a Substrate and Related Structures
The invention describes methods and resulting structures in which a metal layer is adhered to a surface of a substrate.  The methods involve applying a sacrificial acidic organic layer to the substrate prior to depositing the metal layer.  The sacrificial layer is consumed, leaving behind a metal/substrae interface that has excellent adhesion properties.
Published: 11/18/2014   |   Inventor(s): James Watkins, Yinfeng Zong
Category(s): Material science, Nanotechnology, Chemicals, Devices
Mesoporous Materials and Methods
A novel process by which well ordered mesoporous films can be created by the three-dimension replication of pre-organized block copolymer templates using supercritical fluids. Mesoporous silicate, carbon and titanium dioxide films have been prepared by the infusion and selective condensation of precursors within one phase domain of highly ordered, preformed block copolymer templates using supercritical carbon dioxide as the reaction medium.  The template is then removed to produce the mesoporous oxide.  To date we have replicated ordered spherical and cylindrical morphologies to yield titania, silica, organosilicate and mixed silica/organosilicate mesostructures in films over 1 micron thick while maintaining all the structural details of the sacrificial copolymer template.
Published: 11/17/2014   |   Inventor(s): Rajaram Pai, James Watkins
Category(s): Nanotechnology, Material science